Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our very own Superman { Bark River, Michigan Child Photographer } years old, loving , caring, and gives lots of hugs! Obsessed with movies (at any given time can be seen carrying around 20-50 dvds just so he can read them), his favorite toys are his nintendo ds, his leapster and his beanie baby dog names "Puppy" (which we are on number 16 since he was one year old...yes we have gone through 15 of them), loves McDonalds french fries and tortilla chips..and he LOVES to wear his Superman costume! Oh yeah...almost forgot...Preston also has Autism.

April is "National Autism Awareness Month"...well for us ...we deal with "the Autism" everyday. We have our good days and we have our bad days...we are just grateful that the good days waayyy out number those bad days :)We have come such a long way and the past two years have been with the most changes, with Preston in school with his "team" and with him talking so much more now. I will even catch him singing to some songs in the van now and I just soak that up...I ♥ it song is Katy Perry's "Firework"...I mean how fitting is that!?! There is just so much new and it's everyday...I think one of my favorites is still hearing "I love you mom", I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing him say that!

What most people don't know is that Preston is more than just this amazing child who may have this little thing called Autism... which does not stop him in anyway...we keep chugging ahead! But Preston is this little miracle that came after the most heartbreaking thing any parents should never have to go thru. In May 2002 our baby girls were born at 24 weeks and both Payton and Hope passed away...our world was shattered and I honestly thought I was never going to survive it...all I wanted was to be a mom and after everything we had to go thru to even become pregnant, we were blessed with these two amazing little girls and then only to have all of our dreams taken away. I still remember the phone call when we became pregnant with Preston..the nurse said the number is I am thinking it's not a viable pregnancy but we will test in two days to see if it doubles....two days later it barely doubled and at the six week ultrasound...there he was on the screen with a strong heartbeat and after 37 weeks of bedrest...yes complete bedrest and after a horrible delivery he was here. But it wasn't happy ever ending...just yet. He was grey, he wasn't breathing that well and they thought he may have bleeding in/on the brain so we get to see him for seconds and off they go to do tests...well at this point you know we are much more do we have to go through. The next four hours took forever and finally we got to see our baby boy and hold him...all tests came back fine..he just needed some help with breathing and he was little jaundice and here we are today...with a happy and thriving seven year old...but for me...he's more than that...he is who saved me...he is who let me believe again...he is who made me want to be the best mommy in the world...he is my Superman!