Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three Beautiful Sisters { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

These three sisters are just beautiful! I first met them around the holidays of last year and I was thrilled to be taking their pictures again! My how they have grown! The outfits were just adorable and were beautiful spring colors! The baby wasn't too interested in doing this picture thing but we did get a few smiles! Can't wait until next time...we'll be doing pettiskirts and all of those frilly girly things! Thanks mom and dad!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you know a HERO ~ The Littlest Heroes Project { Bark River Michigan Photographer }

I am so honored to say that I am part of this wonderful and amazing organization! You see, I know a hero and he happens to be my son. Preston is a happy and loving six year old who has Autism. Preston is a huge part of the reason my passion for photography had become so strong and of course he is the reason why I wanted to be part of this project. I would be honored to capture your family's special moments! So a little more about this wonderful organization....

The Littlest Heroes Project is a non-profit based organization founded in January 2008 by Felicia Reinhard, made up of professional photographers nationwide that provide free photo sessions to our nations Littlest Heroes. Through the power of photography we are giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses. We are here to let them know that they are heroes to many, and to share their inspirational stories and photos with the world.

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability we are here to help. The Littlest Heroes Project provides you with a complimentary photo shoot for your hero and family. Please read the information on this site and be sure to contact us so we can help pair you up with a photographer from your area. The whole family … Super Sibs and the Brave Parents are welcome to participate in the session as well

And of course we need to include a picture of our HERO! If you know Preston or have even met him once... you know he is one AMAZING little guy! Jamie and I are so GRATEFUL that we were chosen to be his parents! Sometimes people ask if we could have him without the Autism would we...our answer is always no...if you listen to me talk about Preston you will hear me say HE HAS's just like he has a cold (yes, I know that's really not how it is...I just think of it that way). The Autism does not make who our little man is...Preston makes who Preston is!

If you would like more information feel free to contact me or go to to find out more!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Princess E { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

Princess E was just perfect! Is she just not the cutest little pumpkin! She could be so serious and
then give me the biggest smile! And mom brought the cutest little dress for her to wear! Thanks mom and grandma! I can't wait until next time!

Sisters { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

Sisters...I have taken Princess "J"s pictures since she was 3 years old and now I get the honor of taking her new baby sisters! Princess "Z" is just perfect and beautiful! I can't wait for out next session! Thanks mom and dad for having me be the one to capture these sweet moments and again, I am so HAPPY for your family!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss Gracie { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

What can I say about Miss Gracie...she was a super fun, happy and is such a beautiful girl! She was loving her session...the clothes, the headbands and oh how she loved that pink pettiskirt! I could have kept her all day and clicked away! I can't wait until next time and something tells me she'll be pretty excited too!

Flower headbands by Pretty Baby Bowtique on Etsy

Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss Go-Go-Go { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer}

I have taken Miss K's pictures since she was a newborn and my how she has grown! She was so busy that she did not want to sit still for more than 30 seconds...she gave mom and I a workout. She didn't give me many smiles this time but that's okay because just look at her...she's beautiful!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trevor { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

This little guy is the most adorable ever! And look at all of that hair...I ♥ it! We did these in two different sessions. The ones with big sis (is she just BEAUTIFUL!) and him in his adorable little sweater outfit was done back in April. We tried to get some with the hats at that session and he was just not having it. This past Friday I went to his house to see if we could try again and we got some with the hats (the bear hat was a little too small but we did it anyway). I had decided during the session that this little guy just doesn't like the hats because when they were off he had no problem posing...guess he wants to show off all of that hair!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bubblegirl Etsy Shop { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer } is having a giveaway! It’s a beautiful sling for newborns from Bubblegirl Etsy Shop. Go check it out! I have some of her things and they are BEAUTIFUL! Here's a sling being used with a newborn ♥ is having a giveaway! It’s a beautiful sling for newborns from Bubblegirl Etsy Shop.

Beautiful { Bark River Michigan Newborn Photographer }

Beautiful...she was just beautiful! I have been waiting for her since her mommy told me she was expecting last October and now she is here and I get to capture these precious moments. Did I mention she was beautiful! More to come soon!

Headband by Celeste & Company on Etsy and blanket made by Jamie Monson (my husband)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are you sure it's spring? { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

The weather here has been crazy! There are days it's sunny and warm enough to wear shorts and then the next day there's snow on the ground...thankfully it doesn't stay long...we are ready for a nice warm summer! So of course I have gotten some new items and Paige loves to model it all! This day she decided to try this new tutu (I know, usually I make my own tutu's but not this one) and headband. Both items can be found on Etsy. The flower headband is from Pretty Baby Bowtique and I think I have pretty much all of her her things! The ribbon tutu is from Petitepeanut.

Now here's my baby girl...just beautiful!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Guy { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

This little guy cracked me up! All of his expressions but no smiles! Mom said he smiles all the time but he wasn't giving me any... that was until we had daddy trying to get him to smile. So we did end up with a few smiles but I am loving the ones in the bear can you not just fall in love with him... just look at those faces!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Angels { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

May 2, 2002...a day that forever changed our lives. I was 23 1/2 weeks pregnant with our twin daughters. I woke up that morning not feeling "right" but I had a doctor's appointment later that day so I figured I would just wait until then if I still didn't feel right. Unfortunatly through out the day I felt worse and we called to get in earlier for our appointment. We arrived at my doctor's and he took me in the room immediatly. From here everything was just BOOM... RUSH...URGENT. I was told to go to the hospital now and when we got there the nurses were waiting for me and got me into bed... I was in labor. They started me on drugs and Milwaukee was willing to take me as long as I was stable. Well that never was so bad my husband had to decide... you lose the babies or you lose all three. The look of heartbreak on his face I will never forget...all it took to finally get to this even get pregnant...all the shots...all the hormones...all the testing...and knowing that I did everything right and perfect the moment I found out I was pregnant and he was having to make this decision.

Payton Marie was born first and she passed away minutes later. Payton had daddy's toes, the longest fingers and she looked like my baby brother Josh. Hope Marie was born an hour later and she looked just like mommy, she even had my toes. A helicopter was coming to get her to transfer her to Green Bay. We could not go with her because I had to get IV antibiotics for 3 days..but I told my doctor I would be leaving in the morning and he knew me well enough that I would no matter what. We got to go see our baby girls in the nursey before Hope see them was beautiful but knowing they would be seperated I just prayed for Hope to be strong and for Payton to help her sister.

The next morning I told the nurses...time for me to leave. The doctor came in and said he knew he couldn't change my mind and that I need two shots before I left and then he would talk to the doctors in Green Bay about getting me an IV there. The nurse comes in gives me one shot and another nurse comes to the door and said she had a phone call and it can't wait. My heart sank because I knew it was the other hospital saying Hope had passed away, I looked at the clock for the time...a mother knows. The nurse came back in and I said she passed away didn't she and the nurse smiled and said "No honey it was something else" as her eyes teared up... she gave me my last shot and hugged me.

On our drive I already knew Hope had passed only regret was that we just didn't leave when she left...I should have been with her...her mommy should have been holding her. We get to the hospital and they put us in a private room and we are told to wait. The doctor comes in and starts to talk about how hard Hope fought... they all thought she had a chance and I stopped him and said "I just want my baby". He took my hand and said if I ever want to talk about it...later today , tomorrow, next week, even a year later all I had to do was call him.

I could go on...because I remember it as if it happened today in 2010. It's just something a mother doesn't and won't forget. Payton and Hope are part of our family. They may not be here with us but they will forever be our first children and our other children's big sisters. Their pictures are up all over in our house, just as are Preston, Paige and Parker's.

Every year for their birthday we go to the cemetery and bring the girls flowers and balloons. This year Paige is old enough to hold the balloons and be the one to let them go. Paige got a little upset though. Paige didn't want to send her sisters the balloons...Paige wanted to keep them. We finally convinced her to let them go and Paige told us that the balloons were going to the moon and not to heaven for her sisters. My husband and I of course thought that was funny...she's our little stinker!

Eight years...I can't believe they would be eight today. I am forever grateful that I had the time with them that I did.

Happy Birthday Payton and Hope!