Thursday, April 8, 2010

AUTISM { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

April is Autism Awareness Month. Our oldest was diagnosed with having Autism when he was two and a half. When he was around ten months I started seeing signs and all my family and friends said he was fine and not to worry. I mean how could there be anything wrong with him...just in May of 2002 we had lost our twin daughters, Payton and could we be given any more heartache? But I knew otherwise. By January 2005 our son was a completly different child. It was at this time our fight began. I think for us the hardest part wasn't the news that our son had just been diagnosed with having Autism, but the fight to get the appointments for the doctors because they want to do this test or that test, to get all the therapies that is needed to help him, and can't forget the fight with the insurance co. because most of the things aren't even covered by them...that is what drains you. So after years of many doctors appointments, weekly therapy appointments and many calls to the insurance company our little man has come so far!
This past Febuary he woke up on a Saturday morning and just started talking. Now he had some words before and usually it only lasted for weeks and then he lost them. But this time it was was A LOT of words and it was ALL DAY LONG! It was like he had six years of talking he had to get out and I was loving every second of it! Everyday he is talking more and everyday I ask him to say certain words just because it sounds so adorable coming out of his little mouth..crazy I know..but I have waited years for this. One of my favorites is "I love you mom" and then two days ago he just started saying "I promise to love you forever always" and you know I couldn't stop crying...something so simple but yet so amazing to a mom.


This N That Photography said...

That is amazing, Thanks so much for sharing your story! Your son is gorgeous!