Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photographers ~ looking for some new props and backdrops...well here is the place.... { Bark River Michigan Child Photographer }

If you are a photographer and you are on the look out for some new props and backdrops...go check out Design Revolution ~ Accessories for the Extraordinary Photographer on facebook { } and become a fan! They are having a great sale { 20% off/only until 7/10/12 } on their website for their Facebook fans! Also for their fans they are having an awesome deal on their 2 got one 50x60 FREE { valid until 7/10/12 }... ONE FREE, can't beat that deal! So head on over to their Facebook page and become a fan and get all the info for their amazing deals they do for their fans....discounts, sales, auctions, Top Fan, Prop Junkie Club and they even have a secret sales page...many ways for you to get some great props and backdrops! Here is one of their awesome drops... the Grey Chevron super cute is this!! I have several of the drops and I just love them....super easy to store...just fold em up and the best part is when you are ready to use them... grab it, unfold it and clamp it on your backdrop stand...and NO WRINKLES!!! It can not get any easier than that!! So what are you waiting for...go check them out, become a fan and join in on all the won't be disappointed! And happy shopping!